MyFormulary USA

We believe everybody deserves to achieve wellness and your knowledge is the path to achieving it. Who can you trust to provide the truth about nutrition, exercise, health and medicine? You should trust leading physicians, scientists and clinical researchers from unbiased sources.  Fitness Formulary provides this information to you for free, for your use in preventing or treating medical conditions or pursuing health, fitness and wellness goals. Learn from us. Trust us. We offer over 55,000 awesome foods, vitamin, minerals, supplements, health and wellness products you can purchase in one convenient place. 

MyFormulary USA has launched the Fitness Formulary brand in the United States in September 2015 to a small group of 12,000 health club members. The interaction, survey and study of these members has led the company to make critical consumer-driven changes which are expected to be complete by the end of 1Q/2016. Thereafter, the Company will embark on the launch of the Fitness Formulary solution to several million health club members.

The second marketing initiative of MyFormulary USA is directed to high school and collegiate athletes in the sport of Football. Football Formulary is being engineered to meet the health, wellness, nutrition, training and conditioning requirements of these athletes through a safe, trusted and dependable group of physicians, nutritionists, sports science practitioners, accredited coaches, an the like. Parents and guardians of these athletes can rest assured that their loved ones are fully protected from use of banned substances under NCAA and Olympic rules.